Full Moon Pisces

I thought I was doing fine with this but I got sick on monday! I got a cold or something like that, so I’ve been resting. My sun is in Virgo, but since that would mean a clarity in the love department (which I don’t have yet) I think this is due to the square to my 6th house (gemini). What are your thoughts? Anyway, I haven’t been able to do much aside from my job… but im focused on my goals this month! Kisses! Advertisements Continue reading Full Moon Pisces

Work-out for the day

This are the videos that I used for my routine today! I know I’m no fitness girl or anything but I actually like working out on my own (and I LOVE blogilates! and I rediscovered my love for Tone it up too!) I do follow blogilates month calendar, but lately I’ve been feeling like mixing it up. Also, for your astrological information: gemini in the sixth house calls for, yeah… having more than one option for routines and keep it fun and easy-breezy (also Jupiter is in there…) And I will do this last one daily for two weeks, see … Continue reading Work-out for the day

Back (or something like that)

So, it was my birthday and I decided that this month would be the beginning of (ok, not the beginning, the rebirth maybe?) of myself. So, the thing is, I’m not actually that good at being my own “boss”. I’m really permissive with my days, tasks, to-do lists and everything else. Don’t get it wrong, it’s truly the opposite when I have to work for someone else (and that sucks when you’re born with a Capricorn ascendant a.k.a. You are the boss). Also, following the energy surrounding us (you know, that total eclipse of the heart-sun I meant sun in … Continue reading Back (or something like that)